Service Overview

What makes REVO Designs Stand out from the rest?

Well that is an easy question! We care about our clients. We really do! When we build or update your website, we treat it with the full focus you require and should expect from an Expert team. We build Shopify stores full time.. Hire the team that has made a career out of Shopify!

Please see to the end of this document to learn more about our Shopify POS, Photography, Video and SEO Services.


We are determined to give you the utmost positive experience while working with us! We know understand the importance to have great communication skills and we will hold the standards high as you can expect us to keep you updated during the entire process.

We have broken down our process and key details of which we think you will be fond of that also demonstrates what makes REVO Designs such a great company to work with!






Our Standards:

Design and Coding

When we design your website, you can surely expect that we are up to date with the latest coding languages.

Fast Turn around times

We understand and do our very best to meet deadlines. We put full focus into your website to ensure it gets done according to your time frame!

Communication and responsiveness

We will keep in touch and make sure we are on the same page with everything. We want you to be 100% comfortable while working with us.

Services we offer:

  • Custom theme and template development
  • Responsive mobile ready and browser compatible layouts
  • Graphic design and touch up
  • Product CSV conversion/ Import products
  • Colors and aesthetics around the website
  • Uploading of content and placement

  • SEO, SEM and SMM:  

    We guarantee results! Contact us for a customized proposal

  • (SEO) Search engine Optimization
  • (SEM) Search Engine Marketing. Let us manage your marketing campaigns through Google!
  • (SMM) Social Media Marketing. We can manage your social accounts





    We implement theme options for templates and themes created or altered by us. These options are added to be easily accessible to you from the theme settings because we understand that your future website is a investment. Of course you need to have the freedom of ability to update it whenever you’d like!

    This is very important to us. While you are always more than welcome to have us manage or update your new website for you, we do not want you to feel the need to contact us to make any changes.






    There will be a point where the website will be in its final stages of its beautiful creation.

    While we will be on the same page when creating the website, our creative minds may see things a little differently. Therefore, we are more than happy to try and accommodate the original project details to finalize them the way you would like them.
    *Graphics and images may be an exception as they tend to take more time.







    We will assist with any of the following and do whatever we can to bring your new website from ground zero, to the point of Launch

  • Domain transfer and connection.
  • Choosing which Shopify plan is right for you.
  • Recommend Payment Gateways and test payments before going live.
  • Remove storefront password for the benefit of the public and Facebook feed store.

  • *Upon completion of the website, we will send you a Quick reference manual and other cool resources on running your new Website!



    Installed by REVO


    What you can expect:

  • When we design your website, you can surely expect we are up to date with the latest coding languages.
  • Fast Turn around times
  • Communication and responsiveness

  • Additional Services:

  • Shopify POS installation and setup
  • Product, Lookbook and Model Photography
  • Commercial ready Videography with Editing
  • SEO services to optimize your website to show on the front page of Google Search listings (Also consider our services to manage adword campaigns through Google and Social Media Marketing and Management.)

  • Please send us an email inquiring about these additional services as they would be a separate phase of the Web Development process.


    REVO Designs is your experienced web development team. We specialize and create Shopify Ecommerce stores with simple, clean and structured layouts. From building your online store, getting your new site on the front page of Google and actualizing an online presence through Social Media, to taking photographs of your products, shooting video advertisements and setting up your new Shopify POS cash register system. We have the experience you need to be successful online and in the physical world.

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